NOTE: We do not charge members any fees to be a part of the club, while offering a number of unique benefits at no cost to our members. We do however operate by strict rules and hold high standards, especially on our social media platforms. You are responsible for being familiar with our Rules. Breach of any of those Rules will result in removal from the M Gruppe. If you do not agree with our Rules, please do not submit your registration. Once accepted as a Grupper, you become part of the "Gruppe fa///Mily", and we will expect you to abide by our Rules and support the M Gruppe values.

  1. Affiliation: The M Gruppe is an independent organization. We are currently not affiliated with any other car club or entity. 
  2. BMW M exclusive: While we appreciate all BMWs and other car brands as well, the M Gruppe is BMW M-exclusive. If you would like to join an all-inclusive BMW group, we recommend the BMW CCA, which is the US branch of the BMW Clubs International Council based in Germany.
    1. BMW M models: Cars we accept are BMW M models no longer in production (i.e. M1, Z4M etc) as well as current models: M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, X3M, X4M, X5M, X6M and their body variations (convertible, coupe, grand coupe etc). No conversion, replicas, clones or modified cars are accepted in lieu of an M model. If the vehicle did not originate as an M model from the factory, we do not consider it for purposes of M Gruppe membership.
    2. M Performance models are not considered full-fledged M models for purpose of M Gruppe membership at this time.
    3. On October 15, 2018 the membership also voted to include the following iconic models produced by BMW Motorsports : E9 3.0CSL, E20 2002 Turbo and E31 850 CSi.
  3. Membership: Membership in the Gruppe is free and will remain so as long as possible. Ownership of an M car is the main requirement at this time. Prospective members need to register and submit their VIN via the website. No VIN, no approval. No whining[1].
    1. New members are required to post / submit photos of their M car(s) soon after being approved into the Gruppe. This can be done by posting on the Facebook page, website or submitting it to a Gruppe team member via email. Contact details are found on the website.
    2. Existing members are required to inform a Gruppe team member whenever they (1) sell their M and do not replace it or (2) when they replace it with another M. Knowing who our members are and which cars they have is important for a number of reasons, including our ability to negotiate agreements to benefit the membership. Keeping us updated of your M ownership status is your duty as a member of our group.
    3. Closed, private group: The M Gruppe is a private and closed car enthusiast community. Much like your driver’s license, membership in this group is a privilege, not a right.   

      We do reserve the right to:
    4. Deny association to prospective members whom we deem not interested in promoting or supporting the M Gruppe’s purpose or values.
    5. Remove existing members who knowingly breach or disregard our rules or whom we deem not interested in promoting or supporting the M Gruppe’s values. That includes members who choose to join the management team of a club whose purpose or interests conflict with those of the M Gruppe.
    6. Remove members who endanger public safety on an M Gruppe driving event or jeopardize the integrity and reputation of the M Gruppe.
    7. Invite honorary members – even if they do not currently own an M car – if we believe their association with the M Gruppe will benefit the club and membership as a whole.

      We will not tolerate:
    1. "Flaming" or public attacks in Gruppe forums, channels: Disagreements between members must be handled in private. If contrary to this, the subject post will be deleted and the member(s) may be banned.
    2. Foul language and inappropriate content: The M Gruppe is proud to have a very diverse membership also in terms of background, culture and religion. We therefore choose to adopt a conservative approach when it comes to language and content that may be considered controversial. This includes content related to the usual topics of race, sex, religion, politics or weaponry. Such posts will be deleted, and we will contact the member. Repeated posts will result in removal from the Gruppe. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it in person you probably shouldn’t post it.
    3. Non-car related posts: This is a car club, not religious, political or else. Such posts will be deleted.  
    4. Non-M  content: This is a BMW M group, not Porsche, not AMG, not Nissan, not Ferrari, not conversion cars, not clone cars, not replicas etc. Posts and discussions around other brands than BMW or BMW M will not be allowed. There are many other forums for those brands, and one exception is all it takes for the M Gruppe to lose its purpose. On occasion we may choose to post or allow content related to BMW NA / BMW AG or other BMW models as relevant to our members. Examples could be a brand-new model launch (M or non-M).
    5. Business promotion: We work very hard to attract sponsors and allow for a win-win relationship to benefit both our members and partners. Any unauthorized business-advertising content posted in any of our platforms will be deleted, also in respect to our existing partners. If you would like to become a partner of the M Gruppe, contact us to discuss. 
      Rule of thumb: If your intention when posting is to promote a 3rd party business or your own business, you will probably be in breach of this rule.
    6. Group buys: Group buys will be allowed on a case-by-case basis when it does not conflict with products and services offered by our partners.
      Rule of thumb: Contact the M Gruppe President and/or VP to discuss a group buy before posting it on our social media.
    7. Private sales: M Gruppe members are allowed to post a part or vehicle for sale, as long as this sale is private and not on behalf of or to benefit a 3rd party business. On Facebook we have a dedicated group for our current members' buy/sell needs. M Gruppe Classifieds. You may also submit an ad to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    8. Event promotion:
      1. The Gruppe is not a platform for members to promote their own clubs or events. While we will be happy to discuss organizing a common event with you or at your business, we will not allow use of the M Gruppe for promotion of non-Gruppe related events and content, unless you have our formal approval or we are in a formal collaboration. This Rule applies to any car club, including BMW clubs, since we are not affiliated with any organization. We are open to promoting activities by another BMW club as long as there is reciprocity.
    9. Due to liability reasons posts/videos showing mishaps, whether injury or property damage caused during a track day/school will be deleted regardless of where they took place. Videos of racing on public streets and/or any illegal activity will be deleted. At no time does the M Gruppe support, promote or condone that type of activity, which is also illegal.
  4. Confidentiality: While we do not share member information[2] with external parties for promotional or marketing purpose, we do share internally with the (1) Area Director for each region where we are active and (2) our partner dealerships so they can identify our members when they want to take advantage of our discounts. Additionally, we may use photos that members post on M Gruppe social media/forums in internal materials such as newsletter and in the social media platforms themselves. The M Gruppe does not profit from this practice, which is solely intended as a showcase of members' cars and club activities. Our partners may also use such photos in their social media to promote M Gruppe events that they sponsor. If you do not agree with this practice, do not post photos on our social media.

We are an organization that operates by high standards and subscribes to core values of integrity, loyalty and respect. We consider those elements of utmost importance to us as we seek to attract mature and responsible enthusiasts as members. We truly appreciate your presence in the Gruppe family!


 [1]“Why do you need my VIN?” The M Gruppe was created by M owners with one goal in mind: To be a reference group for M cars and their owners. There are several other clubs and enthusiast groups that already cater to regular BMWs, and because we know M drivers are not your regular BMW driver, we wanted a space where we could all speak the ‘same language’. The information you submit is used with the sole purpose of checking it against a BMW database. We do not retain or share that information. The information we ask about your car is the same one that you would submit online in an open platform (such as for insurance purposes). Any car’s VIN is also visible from the windshield; it is not a secret number nor does it constitute personal information. The report generated from the aforementioned database is shared with you only and that is all there is to it. You are not obliged to submit that info. By the same token, we reserve the right to deny access to the Gruppe to those who do not share our vision or do not support and rules.

 [2]This is the information provided by you in the registration form: Name, address, email, phone, vehicle specs and any other information provided in that form.

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